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Bike Storage

The street isn’t the best place to store your bike. Someone could steal your precious possession, or overexposure to outside weather can damage it profusely. Rather than leave your motorcycle unattended on the street, a wiser decision would be to keep it safely at a self storage warehouse.

Why Bike Storage with us

Self Storage India’s Bike Storage facility is ideal not just to keep your motorcycle but also accessories like helmets, jackets, and much more. An ideal storage area for one bike is 50 Sq ft, but if you want to keep more belongings, our larger sized units can accommodate your needs.

For safety, we do not permit the storage of inflammable items. Before moving in, we require you to empty your fuel tank. As a precautionary measure, we also request you to pull out your battery to prevent it from discharging and depleting, overinflate the tires or prop it on the center stand, put a tarp or sheet over it to avoid dust and settlements, and cover the exhaust pipe.

Our storage rooms are also convenient for cycle enthusiasts. Instead of exposing your bike to harsh weather as well as unwanted attention from birds, lock it up safely in our
self-storage unit. Our advice is to inflate your tire to prevent dead spots and lubricate the cables before you leave. Additionally, bike hooks can be another great option to prop it on the wall. Not only do they prevent the dead spot but also clear out space for other items.