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Expanding Family

Some events in life are precious. We cherish them, photograph them, and revisit them. But, little do we realize that they are also turning points. When people get married and expand thier families, they’ve unknowingly signed up for life-changing events.

Even though more people are choosing to stay in nuclear families in India these days, high real estate prices are making it difficult for people to find decent accommodation.

Those who choose to live in joint (extended) families have to adjust with many other members. This adjustment becomes difficult when new people enter the family. Remember, it’s not just a new person coming along but also a lot of items that this person will obviously require in their life.

Whether it’s a new partner or your newborn child, making space would mean removing items and adding new ones. Since moving out into a bigger house isn’t an option for everyone, the better way to do this is by reevaluating your existing space options. Why not rent a self-storage unit?

One way is to accumulate the items that you don’t need and pack them off into a safe and secure private room, such as the ones provided by Self Storage India. Not only do you have more space in your existing home, but can also be stress-free since your goods are in a safe location.

A. Expanding Family Needs More Storage

There could be various scenarios when you are expanding family. At such times, it can be inconvenient to get more things at home. Your house will look cluttered and messy!

Here are some scenarios when you can choose Self Storage India:

B. Partner Moving In

When your partner is shifting in with you, you have to think about the amount of space they will need for their items. It could be the wardrobe, the shelves, the kitchen, and even the furniture they may bring along. Not to mention the new items you may want to buy together.

At such times, you may fret about a lack of storage space for the items you have, especially if you live in an apartment in the city. For your convenience, Self Storage India offers a variety of storage options in multiple sizes.

C. Welcoming a baby

Bringing a newborn baby into the world is a challenge, especially for new parents. You’ll need a crèche, a stroller, tons of diapers, new baby clothes, baby food, etc. If you want to give your baby its own room, you will have to ensure it vibrates with positive energy.

There’s no need to stash away items under the bed or stack them in a pipe in the corner of the room.

There’s no need to throw away things with a heavy heart. Just sign-up with Self Storage India and find a place to keep the items you won’t generally require.

D. Having guests over

Sometimes, relatives, friends, and other guests may stay over at your place. Rather than worry last minute about making more room, why not be prepared?

That means no clutter and no boxes. Additionally, you also have to keep several sharp or possibly dangerous items out of reach of young kids. You don’t want them getting injured by accident.

There’s no need to throw away things with a heavy heart. Just sign-up with Self Storage India and find a place to keep the items you won’t generally require.

How Expanding Family with Self Storage India Can Make Things Easier

No matter what the situation, Self Storage India offers a convenient, dedicated, and trustworthy storage option. With an easy sign-up process, you can rent a room and keep anything that you don’t need regularly.

Here is an easy way for you to declutter your home. First, take out all the items that are valuable to you, but you don’t need them regularly or anytime soon. Second, pack them up or call our packers and movers team to do it. Third, consult us to know the best size for your items. Fourth, send them off to one of our warehouses in Noida or Gurugram. Fifth, enjoy a clutter-free home and all the benefits it offers.

Decluttering your home is essential to create a lively atmosphere. It creates more moving space, improves productivity, and allows for new things to enter your life.

A lot of times, people don’t buy new things they would want because there’s no space at home. With Self Storage India, you won’t have to hesitate anymore.

You also get the benefit of these added features:

1. Top-notch Security

If you’re worried about the safety of your valuable goods, there’s no need to fear. We have taken several steps to secure the place. There are guards located on the premises at all times. We have camera surveillance 24×7.

2. Controlled Access

Your unit is accessible to only you and your nominee. No one else will be allowed to go near your unit. You also have full privacy whenever you visit. Not even employees will be allowed to come along.

3. Pest Control

We take added measures to ensure your goods are protected from pests and rodents. Pest control is conducted every month. Additionally, you also get a complimentary pest control for your unit during the regular schedule. We also keep boxes on plastic pallets and not on the ground as an extra safety measure.

So, now you don’t have to worry whenever you are expanding family. All your items will have a safe space, and your home will be decluttered for the people who will be entering your life.

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