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All vehicles require care and looking-after that is unique to them. Whether you are going off for vacation without your beloved bike, only drive it on the weekends, or live in an area where the weather seldom allows you to ride, taking proper care of your motorcycle during these times is essential for the longevity of your two wheeler. To store a motorcycle in all seasons, consider using a reliable and secure bike storage facility like motorcycle storage by Self Storage India.

Important motorcycle storage essentials

If one of the above situations matches your current scenario, then we highly recommend booking a self storage unit for your bike. Not only will your bike be safe and protected from harmful elements, but motorcycle storage will also provide additional safety measures that you wouldn’t have been able to ensure at home.


The perfect self-storage unit will measure 5×10 sq ft. This size will be enough to store your bike, your helmet, your jacket, and any other accessories you might have. For multiple bikes and more accessories, you’ll need a larger storage unit measuring 10×10 or 10×15 sq ft.

Before storing it

This will be one of the essential parts of the process. If you bring your bike in good condition, it’ll remain in good shape for all the time it is stored. So, implement the following tips before you take your bike to the unit:

Empty the fuel tank

If your bike is going to be left unridden for more than three months, it is a good idea to empty the tank and leave the bike in a dry environment so that everything evaporates out of it. This leaves the insides of the tank dry which wards off any possible damage. If you don’t do this, the gasoline can degrade.

If you do visit the facility regularly, though, you can add a fuel stabilizer in the gas tank and ride the bike around for a few minutes to get it circulating.

Over-inflate the tires

The tires of the bike can suffer permanent damage due to being propped in one position only.

Hence, prop the bike on its center stand if it has one. This will balance its weight. Or, you can over-inflate the tires so that even if it gets a soft spot due to loss of air, the damage would be repairable.

Pull out the battery

The battery is always active when it’s connected to the bike. So, it’s best to pull it out before storing so that it does not drain and die. Put it on a mild trickle charge or lender, so it does not lose its charge entirely.

If you have a Lithium battery, its important to keep it charged, so it does not drain. If it does drain, then it might never charge again.

Cover it up

Spread tarp or a bedsheet over the bike to protect it from dirt and dust.

Also, even though pest and rodent control is implemented, you can stuff the exhaust pipe with a tape or a plug over the opening to tighten things up at your end.

It is always good to be thorough with vehicle storage practices. The above motorcycle storage tips will keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and ensure that whenever you do pull it out of the unit, you have a happy and memorable ride, just like in the old times.