How do I Declutter my Balcony? 

Most city dwellers yearn for private outdoor space, even if it is only a small balcony. In Delhi we are fortunate enough to have balconies for most apartments and complexes. If you are fortunate enough to have a balcony, you owe it to yourself—and all your friends—to take advantage of it. This entails more than […]

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By Manjali Khosla | Last Updated: December 30, 2022 | 12 min read

Most city dwellers yearn for private outdoor space, even if it is only a small balcony. In Delhi we are fortunate enough to have balconies for most apartments and complexes. If you are fortunate enough to have a balcony, you owe it to yourself—and all your friends—to take advantage of it. This entails more than simply setting up a chair and stopping for the day. Your balcony, no matter how small, has a lot of design potential. Before you jump ahead and style your balcony, you must declutter and organise it. 

Continue reading to discover 6 ways to declutter and style your balcony and learn how to completely transform your outdoor space. 

1. Start with clearing out the Clutter 

If you want to keep your balcony usable and beautiful, you must keep it clean and tidy. It is important to use space wisely, but you should also have enough room to move around. If you want to make the most of your space, decluttering your balcony can help. Here are some pointers on how to clean and improve the appearance of your balcony: 

  1. Make sure there is no clutter – Begin by removing everything from the railing and storing it. You do not need anything hanging from grills and parapets. 
  1. Vacuum the furniture – Clean the furniture if any like deck chairs. Outdoor furniture gathers more dust than you can imagine. 
  1. Take out the garbage – Throw out any expired food, dirty dishes, or other items that have been left from your last party in the balcony.   

2. Ensure you have enough space to store miscellaneous Items 

Many balconies in most Indian apartments are used to either dry clothes or to house a washing machine and dishwasher. Many of the dry balconies are used as storage areas or as dumping grounds for unwanted items. These spaces, however, can be put to effective use if they are properly organised and utilised. Moving all the cleaning supplies, dustbins, and limiting these items to one dry balcony can ensure that the other balconies are free of clutter and can be adapted to your style. If you do not have enough space, then consider renting out a self-storage unit, to open the balcony up for day-to-day. 

Here are some items you can club together and remove them from the balcony you want to style: 

  • Cleaning Supplies 

If you keep your cleaning supplies and other knickknacks in your balcony it is time to move them to another spot. Small bottles and cleaning liquids can be moved to under the kitchen sink. Larger items such as a mop can be moved to a balcony that you and your family will not be using. 

  • Garbage bins 

Your garbage bins can also be placed in the same balcony space as the cleaning supplies. Using dustbins that have proper lids to ensure foul smells do not escape the bin. 

  • Loose items 

Balconies always lend themselves to wall storage. A simple iron wall fixture will keep your floor space feeling open and airy. This can hold any loose items you want to keep. Also consider hanging plants, using hooks, and installing shelves that you can arrange however you want for miscellaneous items. 

3. Create a Gardening Station if you have a Green Thumb! 

Plants can add life, colour, and warmth to your balcony, breaking up the monotony of the walls and railings. This helps to give your balcony a backyard feels while also providing ingredients for your kitchen if you choose to grow herbs and smaller varieties of vegetables. 

There are numerous plant options available depending on the size of your balcony. Trees and large shrubs may be able to grow on large balconies and terraces. Plants, on the other hand, can be enjoyed on a smaller balcony because they do not take up much space if they are in planters that hang on the balcony rail or walls. Some plants require more sunlight than others to thrive, so be aware of the direction your balcony faces, as well as levels of sunlight, and buy the appropriate plant that works. 

To make the most of your balcony space and the lushness of greenery, why not add other forms of pleasing plant displays like: 

  • Plant stands 
  • Stools 
  • Tabletop (If you have more space) 
  • Vertical Garden wall 
  • Hanging pots 

Hang your plants off the floor and they will grow healthier than those kept on the ground. A study found that hanging pots increases plant growth by up to 50%. 

What about the times when it is not plant or flowering season, how do you maximise your space? Where do you store your tools and seeds? 

  • Use a Potting Bench 

A potting bench is an excellent place to keep your plants while they grow. It not only provides a place for your seedlings, cuttings, and small plants, but it also keeps things neat and tidy. If you want to use a potting bench, you can build one yourself. 

  • Sort Through Your Tools and Supplies 

If you have an ample collection of gardening tools, chances are they will not be where you need them, when you need them. To keep track of them, try putting in a clear container or hang them on a wall space using hooks as an easy fix. Consider storing these in a self-storage unit because of their occasional usage. Bring them out during the change of season when you are rearranging your pots and plants. This will help you maintain your focus on the plants.  

  • Use a Labelled container to keep track of seeds 

Having a collection of seeds to plant can make you more interested in gardening and take it up as a hobby rather than just to beautify your balcony. To ensure your seeds do not get mixed up and disorganised, you can place them into zip lock bags with labels and then place them all in a container or a paper bag, again labelled. 

4. Incorporate Cosy yet Functional Furniture 

Consider adding a comfortable place to lounge and rest in addition to your table if you have the space. While the table is a more formal setting, a bench, small sofa, lounge chairs, or even just some floor pillows can work wonders. Some outdoor seating, the space beneath the seat can be used as storage space. The wooden bench here would be ideal They can transform your balcony into a place where you want to spend most of your time, providing both comfort and character. Just make sure they do not take up too much space, as this could result in an overcrowded and claustrophobic atmosphere. 

5. Think wall-mounted 

Balconies have a lot of empty wall space, whether it is on the walls of your apartment or the dividers that separate your balcony from your neighbour’s. Do not leave them bare; instead, treat them as a blank canvas and decorate them as you would an indoor space. The same rules apply in terms of what and how much to hang. 

  • Wall mounted storage 

The wall is frequently the most underutilised aspect of the balcony. Install a storage device to make it do some heavy lifting. An open shelving display, such as the one shown, can be a fantastic way to improve the look of your balcony. If you do use an open storage system, make sure it is only for sturdy, wind-proof items that are not prone to weather damage. 

  • Floating Shelves 

If you have limited space, consider floating shelves. These can serve as useful storage surfaces while taking up no floor space. 

  • Set up wooden cladding 

Wooden cladding along one wall of your balcony is a fantastic way to change up your shelving display to suit the occasion. Choose hooks that can be slid in and out between each panel, allowing you to adjust the location and height of each shelf. Alternatively, for a more permanent solution, nail your shelves to the cladding. 

Care Tip: Protect wooden furniture from the elements by painting it with latex paint and sealing it with water sealant. This will help to extend the life of your furniture. 

6. Stick to Essentials 

Summer evenings and nights are when people who live in apartment buildings begin to appreciate their balconies more. At the end of the day, it is a suitable place to relax after a long day at work, enjoy the fresh air, warm and sunny weather, and read a book or have a nice cup of tea or coffee. However, the reality of how we manage our balcony space may be quite different. Given our limited space, the balcony frequently serves as a storage area for unnecessary seasonal objects, such as outgrown bicycles, old clothes or even sport equipment. The solution to little space is not buying a bigger home but renting a self storage unit. A self storage unit ensures your items and prized possessions are sorted safely stored with little hassle! Focus on only the essentials in your balcony space.  

We must remember that even the smallest balcony can be decluttered and organised in such a way that spending winter afternoons or summer evenings there is pleasurable. We can find a lot of inspiration and ideas for how to arrange this space and turn it into a true city jungle full of beautiful plants, to fit your personal style. 

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