How do I Declutter my Minimalist Room?

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It is tempting to purchase organisers and storage bins to reduce clutter when it comes to house organisation. Simplicity and making do with less are the hallmarks of a minimalist home. The best way to ensure your home stays minimalist is to make sure you are decluttering every day. Clutter creeps in the most unexpected of ways and the best way to stay on top of it is to declutter a little each day. I declutter my minimalist room regularly. You should too. 

Read the below advice for decluttering your home and keeping things straightforward, if you are ready to follow the minimalist lifestyle. 

What is Minimalism? 

The definition of minimalism has evolved recently. Modern minimalists hold the view that less is unquestionably more. They do not want to fill their homes with a tonne of needless clutter. Instead, they favour preserving things that have personal significance to them. A minimalist, for instance, might decide to sell a piece of old furniture. Awareness that the piece is no longer needed helps make way for new items. 

Nowadays, minimalism is frequently linked to contemporary design. Because it enables everyone to attain simplicity and harmony, many designers and architects are embracing principles of minimalism. Therefore, minimalist bedrooms are growing in popularity. Here are a few tips to help you declutter and create a minimalist bedroom

1. Get Rid of Your Waste 

It is time to get rid of your clutter! Go through your bedroom and put away anything that does not make your heart joyful. This includes photos, random wall hangings, collectables, and other comparable items. Remember that by clearing out your cluttered bedroom, you are simply making room for the things that truly matter.  

2. Start with the Basics 

If you have the energy and time, completely empty your bedroom, and start over. Make a list of all the furniture that must be in your room. If a bed, wardrobe, dressing table, mirror, and chair are the room’s necessities, prioritise these pieces of furniture. Remove all other unnecessary items.  

Be creative and frugal. For example, remove the dressing table if your bathroom mirror is more convenient to use. On the other hand, if you find yourself leaving your books on the floor, you should add a bedside table to your shopping list. Making a list like this will help you put into perspective how much furniture you actually need. 

If you are unsure about discarding certain items because they have nostalgic, you can use the services of a self-storage facility like Self Storage India to keep your items like extra furniture, decorations, etc.  

3. Look at The Funiture 

Consider whether you still like your current furniture and whether it is consistent with your minimalist ideal. Zen Habits recommends keeping the floor area as open as possible without too much furniture. Is that possible in Indian homes? Yes and no, having shelves that are supported by the wall rather than sitting on the floor creates the illusion of more space and less clutter. Choose furniture that you like while keeping in mind that you want it to blend in rather than stand out. 

4. Organise your Bedroom Daily 

Another quick habit that can help you keep your bedroom clutter-free is resetting your bedroom every day. A quick tidy to return items to their proper places and deal with any messes or clutter before it accumulates is all that is required to reset your environment. 

On a regular basis, spend a few minutes clearing surfaces, putting things away, sorting clean and dirty laundry, and cleaning up. If you clean your bedroom in this manner, it will never become out of control or extremely difficult to clean. 

5. Spend Some Time Decorating your Bedroom 

Slow down and enjoy the process of decorating your room with decorative items. Take a moment to appreciate the breathing space you have created before you start thinking about decorating. Then, as time and money allow, consciously and intentionally incorporate any decorative elements that will help you realise your bedroom vision. 

What better way to keep your bedroom looking like the neat and tranquil retreat you have created than to like it and everything in it? 

6. Figure out Your Storage Area 

Even if you want to declutter your space, the room must still function properly as a bedroom. To maintain the minimalist aesthetic, every object in the room must have a location where it can be both stored and easily accessed. If you read or work in bed, invest in a bedside table with a cupboard for storing your books, laptop, tablet, and related cables.  

Consider incorporating storage into a window seat so you do not need an extra chair and have easy access to storage. Unless you store these items in the closet, dressers or armoires must be large enough to accommodate items such as hairdryers, straighteners, and cosmetics. 

Finally, when you are decluttering, do not forget to get rid of the junk from under your bed! Because you cannot see what is under your bed, it does not mean it is not weighing you down. It is also comforting to know that even the areas you cannot see are not cluttered. Always keep in mind that living more simply is the key to a minimalist existence. Make use of these home organisation tips to maintain a clutter-free, spotless, and useful house always.