The Ultimate Guide to Indian Bedroom Renovation 

Indian Bedroom Renovation
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The bedroom is usually one of the most used and most loved zones in the house. It is not just the room you sleep in. It is the place you unwind and relax in. It is also the place you spend hours getting ready in for big events and everyday errands. It is a very personal space and only a limited few have the privilege of setting foot in this sacred spot that you have claimed to be your safe space. For all these reasons, the bedroom needs to reflect your personality while also being a functional space. So, if you have decided to spruce it and give your bedroom a facelift, then you better do it right. From deciding what stays, what goes and what new features you are going to add, to hiring the right people and getting the job done, you need to chart out a course and follow it with diligence until the bedroom of your dreams is a reality. We offer the ultimate guide to Indian bedroom renovation, providing tips and ideas to help you transform your bedroom. 

Declutter for a clearer picture 

Any type of home renovation project begins with decluttering. Decluttering the space will clear out the room and give you a clear picture on what it looks like and what kind of changes you need to make – even if it is just getting a new runner or a table lamp. 

Here are some simple steps / tips towards decluttering your bedroom: 

#1 Start by clearing exposed surfaces such as counter tops or tabletops. 

These spaces are junk magnets. Pick out the stuff you need and throw out the rest. Bills, ticket stubs, random stationery, long completed to do lists, pieces of jewellery, books and keys are what usually clutter open tabletops. Work your way through them swiftly and efficiently.  

#2 Look under the bed. 

Most beds come with storage space these days. Open it up and go through the items you have stored there. If you are planning to get a new bed, then you need to have a fair idea of what is under the old one, to make sure the new one has adequate storage space. Get rid of old and faded bedlinen. Air out the ones you decide to keep. Get them dry-cleaned if necessary. 


#3 Sift through the contents of all the drawers. 

If they all look like junk drawers, you really need to tip them over and carefully pick out only the items that you use and value. Some of these can even go into storage if you want to clear out as much space as possible. Cosmetics and jewellery are what usually occupy drawers. Throw out make-up items that have passed their expiry date. Assess why you need to keep those broken bits of jewellery and earrings missing their pair.  

#4 Declutter your closet. 

Take a dive into your wardrobe and get ready to be rid of the tons of unnecessary clothes and accessories. Clothes that you have not used for over six months, are never going to see the light of day. Make a pile of clothes you do not use any more, another with seasonal outfits, another with items if sentimental value and a pile of clothes you use. The seasonal outfits and sentimental ones can be packed and put into storage. The ones that do not fit anymore, can be dropped off at a non-profit organisation. The ones you intend to keep, must be neatly folded and put back in the wardrobe. You can approach decluttering handbags, footwear, stoles, socks, and scarves the same way. What you do not use but cannot get rid of can go into a self-storage unit from where they can be retrieved at any time.  

#5 Assess the quality of the furniture and furnishing of the room. 

You need to decide if you are going to keep any of the old furniture or if you want an entirely fresh look. This does not mean you get rid of everything. A polishing can gloss up all furniture. You could repurpose a side table by placing it in the living room or study. Pieces that do not fit anywhere else in the house but are of sentimental value to you, can be put away in storage. If you are going for a minimalistic look, then you must rent out a self-storage unit to put away all the excess stuff you own. 

Get Inspired 

Once you have decluttered the bedroom, you will have an idea as to how much are you going to retain. This will give you an idea about what space you need to create or maintain for these items. An intensive renovation project will require inputs from an interior designer and a contractor. It is best to the hire skilled workers rather than take on the task singlehandedly. This will reduce your stress and ensure the work is done within a stipulated time. Juggling your work, personal life and a home redesign is not easy even if it is just one room. 

Before you seek out the professionals, you need to do some homework as well. 

– Make a note of themes and colour schemes that appeal to you. 

– List out bedroom design ideas that you like. 

– Think about built-in shelves and cabinets as well as movable furniture. 

– Walk-in wardrobes are growing in popularity. If you do not have one now, you may want to explore that possibility with your interior designer. 

– Things you can consider changing or adding to the room include headboards, hidden lighting, carpets, and wallpaper. 

– The flooring and ceiling can also be remodelled. Look up options. 

– Create a folder and organise your thoughts and ideas, before sitting with your interior designer. 

– Set a budget and a timeline.  

Hire the right people 

Do not settle for the first name that comes up on your search list. Look up several interior designers. Check out the work they have done. Get basic quotes to know if they will suit your budget. Read client reviews. If the designer has worked with someone you know or in the neighbourhood, try and get first-hand feedback. Look at the work they have done. If you like their work, meet them for the first round of discussion. This will give you a fair idea about whether you can work with the person or not. The project might take a few weeks to complete, and you will have to interact with the designer on a regular basis. The same applies to the contractor you hire in case there is construction work involved. Building a good rapport with the hired professionals is helpful. 

Some points to keep in mind while hiring: 

– Do not lose sight of your ideas when discussing with the designer. It is your bedroom and your ideas count. 

– Give them the budget and timeline at the outset of the project. Make sure they stick to both. 

– Keep in constant touch with the designer and the contractor, to ensure everything is going as per plan. Even the slightest delay or deviation from the plan needs your approval. 

– If there is a lot of construction work involved, be sure to clear out your bedroom and ensure the workers do not cause any structural damage to the room. 

Clear out the space 

A renovation project usually calls for breaking down walls and building new ones. This could range from adding a cabinet here or a chandelier there. The people you have hired for the job will be walking around with machinery and tools. To prevent damage to your possessions, the bedroom needs to be completely cleared out for the period of the renovation. Clothes, furniture, curtains, and even the bed. It is hard enough living a normal life with stranger walking in and out, without cluttering the rest of the house with items from the bedroom under renovation. The best solution would be to pack everything and put them in a self-storage unit. Self-storage facilities offer 24/7 security and are accessible around the clock as well. You can rent out a space for the duration of the project and put your belongings there. You can even retain the storage unit to keep items that you use rarely. 

Ideas for Bedroom Renovation 

It is always best to make a note of your own thoughts and ideas for your bedroom before meeting with the interior designer to give him/ her a glimpse at your taste and what you would like to do. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices going before you meet with the interior designer.  

1. The Theme & Colour Scheme 

There are several themes and colours that you can work with. Feel like royalty by going for a regal theme and picking luxurious silks and gilded furniture and furnishing. Keeping everything white, grey, and minimal is in keeping with the minimalistic trend of today. If you love colour, pick a bright palette, and work it into the tiles, ceiling, lighting, wallpaper, and curtains. For the more sombre folks, darker shades will keep your bedroom like the den you seek comfort in. Just remember that once you settle on a theme, you need to pick out everything else to match the theme. 


2. The Walls 

The walls are your canvas of creativity. A popular trend is to have one wall in complete contrast to the rest of the room. A bold textured wall is an effortless way to spruce up the room. You could either paint the wall or pick a wallpaper. From an Indian bedroom perspective, painting is the most picked choice for the simple reason that it is easier to give a touch-up when the colour dims. However, superior quality wallpaper lasts for up to 15 years, with no need up a touch-up at all. Get professionals to do the pasting and you do not need to worry about it ripping or coming undone. 

The variety in design when it comes to wallpaper is at par with the innumerable paint shades available in the market today. Increasingly urban homeowners are opting for wallpaper these days because it adds more character to the room and helps build on whatever theme you land on. From floral wallpaper designs to abstract patterns, geometric art and traditional motifs, there is about everything. It is a tad costlier that a paint job, so if you can work it into your budget, then give it a go. 

3. The Bed 

This is, of course, the star of the room. Give your old bed a good hard look. If it is in good condition and suits the theme, then you can keep it. A good polishing can work wonders. In case you are going to pick out a new bed, then get the room dimensions right before heading out to the furniture store. While four poster beds are tempting, they do take up a ton of space. You need to have room to walk around in the bedroom. Do not cramp up the space with a huge bed. Co-sleeping is a widespread practice in Indian households. Make sure the bed is big enough for everyone to sleep in comfortably. Some urban designs have replaced the storage space with a small pull-out bed. If you have a small child, this could work for you if the whole piece will fit in your bedroom.  

4. The Headboard 

You do not need to pick a bed with a fancy headboard. Instead install a fancy headboard against the wall. You could go for a full-length headboard that reaches the ceiling to make an emphatic statement. Velvet headboards add a dash of luxury, while wooden headboards are subtle yet elegant. Strip lighting along the sides will give a halo effect to your bed. You could go for personalised designs or intricate carvings – options are in plenty. 

5. The Lighting 

The lighting really sets the mood of the room. It needs to match the theme and the overall aesthetic of the room. The lighting needs to be warm and subtle. Make sure bedside lamps are gentle on the eyes. Floor lamps add an elegant touch. Recessed lights to highlight furniture look good, but you will need additional lights to be able to get dressed or read in the room! Depending upon the theme of the room you can pick pendant lights that have a very modern abstract design, or you can go for traditional chandeliers. Wall sconces are a better option that table lights. You can even install colourful LEDs to use when you are in a playful mood! 


6. The Ceiling and The Flooring 

When we talk about walls most people forget the fifth one just over head! You can create as much drama with your ceiling design as with your heard board. Wooden panelling or rafters can really enhance the overall look of the room. You can even add a false ceiling with some hidden lights or spotlights for some more drama. Give the ceiling a carved fringe or a splash of colourful paint for some added beauty. You could also put some wallpaper up there! Consider the kind of lighting fixtures that need to go on the ceiling while you plan the design. 

The next important aspect of the room is the flooring. Lighter floors give the room a nice bright and vibrant energy. Wooden flooring is an elegant add on. However, given the scope for damage and costs for repair, more homeowners are going for laminates that mimic wooden floors. It is easier to maintain are look quite as elegant as the original. Many Indian families still maintain the joint-family set-up which means there are elders at home, as well as kids. Going for anti-skid flooring is a good option. 


7. The Furniture 

Your other bedroom furniture is just as important as the bed. This includes cabinets, side tables, and seating arrangements. Knowing the dimensions of the room, and how much space will remain once the bed is in place, is every important while picking out the furniture for the room. Most urban homes are compact, leaving little space in the bedroom for additional furniture. However, a side table is an essential for one’s mobile phone and a book or two. You could get a wall mount side table that can be folded when not in use if you need to save space. Likewise, think about installing a comfortable window seat that can double-up as a reading nook when you are sipping on your morning tea and swiping through the news. If you opt for a walk-in wardrobe, consider setting up a vanity unit there. If you do not have room for a walk-in wardrobe, then the vanity unit goes in the bedroom. You could pick a wardrobe design that comes with its own vanity unit instead of a separate one that will only cramp up the room further. 


8. The Wardrobe 

Next to the bed, the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom is your wardrobe. Before the renovation begins, be sure to declutter the wardrobe. Make sure the wardrobe has enough space to hand clothes as well as shelves for folded clothes. Design large top shelves to store clothes, footwear, and other accessories that you use rarely. Place them in specially designed clothes storage boxes that keep them safe from going mouldy or motheaten. Allow for ample space to hang your clothes because this saves you from the need of folding them, which is one of the biggest reasons why wardrobes are messy. Hanging clothes on a hanger also help air out the clothes as well as reduces wrinkles. Build open cubby holes into your wall to hold your handbags. Get organisers for your accessories and get into the habit of using them. Declutter your wardrobe every few months to keep it neat and tidy.  

9. Vastu Shastra 

Designing a space according to the science of vastu shastra will enhance the positive energy in the room. If you wish to design your bedroom in accordance with the laws of vastu, call in an expert at the very beginning of the project. The vastu expert must work in tandem with the interior designer to redesign the room the right way. Some common vastu suggestions: 

  • If you cannot change the entrance of the bedroom altogether, then you can ensure your sleeping direction is right. Place your head towards the south or the east for a sound peaceful sleep. 
  • Avoid placing mirrors such that they reflect the bed. If possible, no mirrors on the doors of the wardrobe. 
  • The mirror needs to be placed at least four feet above the ground and adjacent to the bed so that it does not reflect you while sleeping. 
  • Place a pleasant object in your line of sight when you open the door to the bedroom. 
  • Try to avoid installing a TV in your bedroom. If you must have a TV in there, fix it on the southeast wall. 

All these rules and many more are based on the flow of positive energy. Those who believe in Vastu Shastra must consult with a specialist at the time of construction of the house to make sure the entire house is vastu compliant. 


Before you embark on a renovation project make sure you, the interior designer, and the contractor are on the same page. They may have a working knowledge of things, but it is your bedroom, and you need to live in it once the work is done. Add your distinctive touch to every aspect of the redesign, and enjoy your new bedroom once it is ready. To save your possessions from damage during the renovation, call Self-Storage India and rent out a temporary storage unit to store your things safely.