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Excess Inventory in Your Office?

Here is how Self-Storage India can Help

There are many aspects of businesses to think about before buying an office space. Not having enough storage space but accumulating excess inventory is one of them. The best way to handle it, in the long-run, is through self-storage options.

Not every business has sprawling office spaces like Google. One has to work realistically with the area provided and optimize it for productivity and operations.

Storing excess inventory in a self storage unit

In the absence of a self-storage unit, you will be utilizing your office space to store paperwork, new office furniture, samples, supplies, and excess inventory.

All of the materials mentioned above become stored in an inefficient and disorganized manner in many office spaces.  As time goes on and work continues, many offices have expanded the requirements of the items needed for their business needs.

Other benefits of storing excess inventory with us include:

Reduce clutter

Once you book a unit with us, you can keep adding items to your dedicated space at the warehouse. This way, you can declutter your entire office space and keep only the most essential items.

Not to mention, some paperwork like employee records and revenue details, should be stored confidentially.

Most offices today follow an open floor plan where everyone is separated by a desk.  Other amenities are shared and thus there is no space for sensitive documents to be stored safe and secure.

Paperwork can be stored along with other vital items in the unit at Self Storage India, or in a utility locker which can hold up to 30 documents or the equivalent of a briefcase.

There would be no need to install extra cupboards or extra security features for documents that would still be at risk without the use of a self-storage facility.

Maximize productivity

The kind of environment we work in does affect the quality of our work.

Working in a room full of sunshine and with proper ventilation energizes the mind and makes our focus sharper.  Working in a dark environment can induce a sleepy state which isn’t conducive to productivity.  Clutter can lead to a troubled mind and a negative space.

Hence, when you better the environment and clear the office space of excess inventory, you’ll see an increase in the productivity of employees. There will be more open space. This free space can then be customized with inspiring quotes or a mini-graffiti wall if you are up for that thing.

These little additions and changes can make the office a positive place where employees feel motivated and happy.

No need to expand

Your current office space may be capable of accommodating your old employees and new hires. Excessive inventory however forces many companies to change locations regularly to provide a space for all the valuable items.

By booking a self-storage unit for your office space and excessive inventory, there will be no need to move always; as your items expand, you can extend the size of the rental unit you book with Self-Storage India, while your business grows successfully.

It saves up on enormous costs of moving and settling into a new space. You can continue to run operations within the existing framework, only calling in the excess inventory when it’s season or sale time.

For the qualitative improvement of your business, book a self-storage unit with us, and get in touch with Self-Storage India by using the form below.


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