Aerocity is a neighbourhood near Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. The region near the airport is known for hotels where travelers would stop during their journey. However, in recent years, Aerocity has evolved into a global hub, complete with some of Delhi’s most opulent hotels and restaurants.

With its spectacular & comprehensive bouquet of leisure, business avenues & amenities, positioned in the heart of Delhi NCR and near proximity to both Domestic & International airports, has justifiably become the go-to spot for the aficionados of the good life! Aerocity, which boasts a sustainable, smart, and resilient infrastructure with premium office spaces, world-class hospitality, 100+ of the world’s most exquisite F&B brands, and a vibrant urban environment, is not only a popular destination for the active and tasteful city dwellers, but it also receives a prominent mention in major travel itineraries for visitors to the capital. So why do we need a self storage warehouse near Aerocity among all the commercial areas?

Where does Self Storage Fit in?

Self storage is not just for families and homemakers. Hotels and businesses and even if you want to hold an event, one could always use the extra storage space we are sure!

Renting a storage unit and storing your possessions is less expensive than renting an additional office or room. Self-storage units are a wise investment for company owners. They can use them as a warehouse to store their inventory while switching locations.

Finding a self storage warehouse/ facility near Aerocity Airport will not be a trouble anymore. Self Storage India now has a location in Aerocity with all its top-notch services. We ensure high level of security for your belongings, well-lit and safe units. Another advantage of this location is of course being close to the commercial and international terminal.


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