Everyone is looking for extra storage! Self Storage India can help, with our safe warehouse near Chanakyapuri, worry no more! We have affordable storage options for a range of needs through our warehouses in Gurugram and Noida. Similarly, we now have self storage units/ warehouse near Chanakyapuri.

Located in southwest Delhi, Chanakyapuri an affluent space mainly inhabited by diplomats because of the presence of several embassies here. It is an important area in Delhi and so has lots of parks and open space. The Prime Minister’s home is situated close to Chanakyapuri. You will also find places like The National Rail Museum, Nehru Park and The National Rose Garden in Chanakyapuri.

Why lease warehouse near Chanakyapuri

Shanti Path, Nyaya Marg, Niti Marg, Chandragupta Marg, and Panchsheel Marg are some of the major roadways in Chanakyapuri. The Delhi Ring Railway terminates at Chanakyapuri, whereas the nearest Delhi Metro stations are Lok Kalyan Marg and Jor Bagh.

These accessible points helps locals and even business owners rent out a self storage unit for their benefits. With good road connectivity, to help locals have ease of entry to the warehouse makes it easier to move your items/ belongings without causing traffic jams.

Likewise, the area also has many universities and colleges. Students who are struggling with finding extra space can also rent out units together to help them maintain their space and clutter in their PGs and rooms.


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