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  • Key to bicycle storage, the best way possible

    Key to bicycle storage, the best way possible

    Cycling as a hobby has gotten popular over the recent years. It’s environment-friendly and when it comes to a city like Delhi which is constantly battling extensive traffic and pollution levels, bicycles act as saviors. Seeing the increasing number of bicycles, you would think that people would also become versed in bicycle storage and safekeeping. Alas, it isn’t so. To fill these knowledge gaps, we share below the best cycle storage methods. If you aren’t going to be using your bike for a sustained period of time, then it’s important to make preparations for this storage season. When you pull out your bike to ride again, it should be as good as new. Read on. Why care about bike storage Most people think tying up their bicycle outside does the trick. But, have you stopped to consider the weather? The sun can strip away the paint. The rain can taint the bike. In winters, snow, ice, and the rock salt sprayed on them can chip away the metal. Pigeons can make the bike their poop station. Finally, thieves might still find a way to steal your precious ride. The solution for these problems occurs through storing the cycle in the garage. This again isn’t the best option since necessary precautions aren’t taken before propping it against the garage wall. Safeguarding your bicycle The best option then, especially for residents of the city, is to book a self-storage unit. Not only will your bicycle be inside but it will be in an environment that is made for storage and safekeeping. Before you haul your bike to the unit, though, make sure you do the following: 1. Clean it up Before putting it away for storage, make sure you take the time to clean your bike. Dirt, grime, bugs, stains can cause unpredictable damage like aiding the bike to rust. Use a soft brush to clean the bike. Make sure you clear the gears, chain, and frame. Wrap up the cleaning process by clearing away the remaining dirt with a dust-free rag. 2. Inflate the tyres If the bike is left standing too long in 1 position, it can lead to the formation of a dead spot due to the weight of the bike. To avoid this from happening, properly inflate the tires so that they can bear the weight of the bicycle without giving away. 3. Lubricate the cables Prevent the cables from rusting by lubricating them properly. 4. Consider bicycle hooks Bicycle hooks are great if your storage unit is going to be filled with other items, too. They are also a great way to prevent dead spots in the tires altogether. In fact, it’s a great vertical storage space hack for your home, too. If you have empty space on your walls (and would prefer your bicycle as a decoration piece), then you can use a hook to prop it up on the wall. The above simple pointers will ensure that your bike will remain in stellar condition even as you push it and lock it up in storage. Now the next time you take a break from cycling, implement the above tips to make sure that when you pull your bicycle out, it still looks and feels shiny new. Happy riding!

  • Benefits of storing your bike in Self Storage India’s Bike Storage Facility

    Benefits of storing your bike in Self Storage India’s Bike Storage Facility

    Designated parking areas in Delhi NCR, as well as in India, are rare. It’s not uncommon to find vehicles randomly parked on almost every street. Bikes are a convenient transport option and can be found in almost every nook and cranny. But, the streets are not the best place to leave your bikes or cycles unattended. Urban areas like Delhi NCR see over 100 vehicle thefts a day, with 75 percent of them being bikes and scooters. Most people won’t be able to afford anti-theft technologies. So, your bike is always in danger of being stolen or even lifted by the authorities. The weather can also play spoilsport. Neglected bikes end up with damages that can be heavy on your pocket. If you leave bikes out for long in the rainy season, water gets accumulated and causes rusting and electric failures. Additionally, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the following problems: Color degradation Fuel evaporation Fuel decomposition Engine oil damage Damage to accessories and tires There may be cases when you may not require your bike for a while such as when you’re on holiday, or you’re injured or any other reason. Rather than leave your bike unattended on the road, what can you do to ensure its safety? Self Storage India offers a safe, convenient, and hassle-free way for your bike storage. You won’t have to worry about theft or weather damage. Instead, you can be relaxed that your bike is in safe hands. Self Storage India’s Bike Storage Facility When you book a bike storage unit with Self Storage India, you can choose the storage size you want. We suggest that the ideal storage size would measure 5×10 sq ft. This size will be enough to fit not just your bike or cycle but also other accessories like helmets, jackets, etc. Want to store more than one bike and more accessories? No problem. We have enough space for that too. A unit measuring 10×10 or 10×15 sq ft will work perfectly for you. We have storage spaces ranging from 48 sq ft to 290 sq ft with a minimum ceiling height of 12 feet. Benefits of Choosing Self Storage India’s Bike Storage Apart from these two reasons, there are other benefits of choosing our service. Since 2013, Self Storage India has been working to create a safe storage facility for the residents around Delhi NCR. Some of the additional benefits in choosing Self Storage India are: 1. 24-Hour Video Surveillance Due to a lack of CCTV cameras, the police face a major challenge in tracing stolen bikes. However, when you keep your bike at one of the various Self Storage India warehousing facilities, you can be assured that there will be 24-hour video surveillance. The footage is constantly monitored. Although no one can enter the perimeter with official IDs, and we do not allow unauthorized people to enter units without permission, the video surveillance is available to ensure you can cross-check. 2. Easy Booking and Storage Our aim is to make the process stress-free and convenient for you. When you sign the lease agreement, you just need one ID proof and two colored photographs. We offer a hassle-free booking and storage process. The minimum time for storage is 30 days, while the maximum time can be as much as you like. If you would like to have your bike packed and moved, we can connect you to our network of vendors with an additional charge for it. You can make payments via checks, cash, NEFT transfers, or via PayTM. 3. Controlled Access No one can access your unit without permission, not even a company employee. While signing the agreement, you have the option to provide a nominee. This isn’t mandatory, but is beneficial for you in case you are away and can’t pick it up yourself. For security reasons, we do not allow anyone else to access apart from you and your nominee. We also require photograph IDs every time either of you visits the unit. Rest assured, you have total privacy when you access your Storage Room and Utility Locker. Both of these are owned and operated only by you. There will be one key that can be used by you or your nominee. You can access the unit from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm, with extended hours for clients up to 10 pm. If you want to access even after that, then we can make suitable arrangements for the same with a surcharge. 4. Safety Safety is our priority as much as it is your concern. Apart from constant CCTV footage surveillance, we also have guards monitoring the premises at all hours. Our world-class storage facilities are located in the heart of business hubs in Gurugram and Noida. They are convenient and safe for everyone. Additionally, the warehouse buildings are designed to keep your bikes theft, dust, water, insect, and rodent-proof. Things to Keep in Mind during Bike Storage For safety measures, no inflammable items are allowed within the storage units of Self Storage India. So, we advise you to remove excess fuel before depositing the bike. You should empty the tank and allow everything to evaporate. If you intend to visit the unit frequently, you can add a fuel stabilizer and ride the bike to improve circulation. Here are some other precautionary measures: Pull out the battery so that it doesn’t drain and die. Overinflate the tires to prevent soft spots or prop it on the center stand Spread a tarp or bedsheet to protect from dirt and dust Cover up the exhaust pipe to prevent insects or rodents from entering Now that you have enough to get started, use any of the following options listed below to know more about Self Storage India’s services, or book a unit for your bike.