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  • How to Declutter Your Home, Room by Room

    How to Declutter Your Home, Room by Room

    Decluttering your living space not only makes your home look tidy and welcoming, but also gives you mental peace. It is often said that the mess in your home reflects the tangles in your mind, but we believe the clutter at home can mess with your thoughts. It is important to treat your home with as much respect and consideration as a place of worship because it is the place that nurtures and comforts you. What is Clutter? Clutter does not mean that every inch of the flooring is covered in shoes, clothes, wet towels, and old newspapers. Clutter is when you have more things than you need. Clutter is having a shelf or a cupboard laden with items you have not touched in more than six months and will mostly remain untouched for another six months. Clutter is having storage cabinets filled to bursting point with articles that you believe you may need but will never use. Living amid all these things will only make your life harder. Five Reasons to Declutter Your Home: 1.     It Is Easier to Clean and Maintain a Decluttered Home. When your shelves are littered with trinkets and rooms lined with too much furniture and artefacts, dusting and cleaning becomes a tedious task. If you do not clean up regularly, layers of dusk will shroud everything. The best thing to do is keep what you need and put the rest in storage. 2.      It is easier to organise your things Once you declutter your home you will have fewer things to deal with. Assign a specific place for everything. Ensure you put things back in their right place to keep things neat and organised. Since all the unnecessary stuff has been sold and the less used items are in storage, you have fewer things to organise. Life is so much simpler one you declutter. 3.     It creates a more open and spacious ambience Instead of feeling choked by unnecessary objects lying around the house, once you declutter you will enjoy the empty spaces. The minimalist route is trending today. It gives the house a more classy, urban appearance. Once you declutter and choose minimalism, you will not waste money on buying items that you do not need. 4.     It gives you a chance to redecorate Just like you enjoy wearing different attire every day, decluttering will help give your home a distinctive look. You can put away some furniture and artefacts in a self-storage unit. You can take them back home whenever you want, and store away previously used pieces. This way you will be redesigning your living space without having to go through with a full-fledged renovation. 5.      It saves you from embarrassment and stress Most of the time you become aware of the clutter only when you are expecting guests over. It is too embarrassing to have unwanted things lying around and it is too stressful trying to cram everything overnight into the limited storage cabinets around the house. A study revealed that 42.5% of people are embarrassed by the clutter at home and 61.7% revealed that cluttering reduced their overall stress levels. Decluttering will save you from the embarrassment and relieve you from living in a messy home. How to Declutter your Home Decluttering your home might seem like a herculean task. However, once you get started you will realise that you are doing yourself a favour and you will find yourself purging your home with flair. For those of you who find it particularly difficult to get rid of things for sentimental reasons even if the item in question is worn out and useless, here are a few tips to help you get started. 5 Tips to Declutter your Home 1.      Set aside a small amount of time. Sometimes the idea of spending hours doing a chore can seem daunting or even plain boring. If the time factor is the problem, then start with as less as five minutes. Keep going only if you feel motivated too. Else stop after five minutes and resume later or even the next day. Start with objects of little value. If you are the sentimental type of person, you might find it difficult to get rid of many things around your house. You need to begin decluttering by picking out items that are inexpensive and have no sentimental value. Remember self-storage units are an option. You may not have use for certain articles but for personal reasons you may not want to get rid of them either. Lease a self-storage unit where you can store your possessions. Self-storage facilities offer security 24/7. Donate your items to those in need. Seeing someone less fortunate using your clothes or other articles is bound to make you feel good about yourself, while also reassuring you that you are doing the right thing. Take before and after pictures. After picking a spot to declutter, take a picture of it. Once you have decluttered the spot, take another picture. Seeing how much better the place looks after decluttering should inspire us to keep going. Whether you have done it before or are doing it for the first time, decluttering your home can be an overwhelming task. Decluttering is not throwing out random things. In fact, decluttering is about making space for what matters most. The best way to go about decluttering is through a structured and well-thought-out plan. 7 Step Home Decluttering Plan 1.      Identify clutter hotspots. Look around your house and find those spaces that are most cluttered. Tackle each of these spaces on separate days. Shelves, counter tops, tabletops, and other flat surfaces are the most common hot spots. Make lists. You need to create four lists. One for all the items that you need to keep at home, one for all those that can be put in storage, one for all the items that you can sell or donate and one for the items that need to go in the trash. These lists give you more […]