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  • Should you hire an Interior designer or an Architect? 

    Should you hire an Interior designer or an Architect? 

    Interior designers and architects often get confused because they both design spaces inside buildings, but their roles differ quite a bit. Which should you choose?  Architects design entire structures from scratch, whereas interior designers focus on creating functional spaces within existing architecture. Interior designers typically specialize in space planning, furniture selection, colour schemes, lighting designs, floor plans, etc., while architects focus on structural details, building codes, and architectural history.  Whether you plan to build a new home or renovate an old one, hiring an experienced architect is crucial to ensuring success. If you want to create a beautiful space without breaking the bank, then consider hiring an interior designer instead.  Introduction  Architecture is the art of designing buildings that stand tall and strong. Architects design everything from skyscrapers to single family homes. They work with clients to create plans and specifications for new construction projects. An architect must possess many skills including drawing, math, science, engineering, drafting, business acumen, and creativity.  Interior Design is the process of creating a comfortable environment inside a building. A good interior designer has knowledge of colour theory, space planning, furniture layout, lighting, and ergonomics. These professionals use their creative talents to transform indoor spaces into unique works of art.  What Does an Architect Do?  An architect designs buildings, but not all architects design houses. Most architecture firms specialize in one area such as residential or commercial. Some architects focus on industrial design while others concentrate on educational facilities.  A typical day for an architect might involve meeting with a client, reviewing blueprints, researching market trends, visiting construction sites, and preparing drawings and models. Many architects work closely with engineers, contractors, and builders to ensure successful completion of a project.  What Does an Interior designer do?  An interior designer creates environments that enhance our everyday lives. She uses her artistic eye to bring beauty and harmony to living areas. Her talent lies in using colours, textures, patterns, and shapes to create distinctive interiors.  An interior designer may spend hours searching for furnishings, fabrics, artwork, accessories, and décor that fit together harmoniously. She then arranges these items to achieve maximum comfort and style.  Many interior designers specialize in certain types of rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, entryways, reception halls, offices, libraries, and nurseries. Others focus on larger areas such as entire homes, hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos, theme parks, and universities.  What does an Interior Architect do?  An architect designs buildings, spaces, and structures. An Interior Design focuses primarily on the furnishing and decorating of an interior space. An interior architect is primarily concerned with the design of the overall interior environment of the building. These architects must consider a range of factors such as functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and cost when deciding what type of material should be used and where furnishings should go.  Interior architects need to consider everything when creating an interior space. All three factors—functionality, safety, and aesthetics—play a significant role in ensuring that your space works well. Most interior architects have specialized training to achieve these objectives.  How Do You Decide Whether to Choose an Architect or an Interior Designer? There are many reasons why you should consider hiring an architect instead of an interior designer. When choosing an architect over an interior designer, ask yourself if you want someone who can provide you with ideas and advice as opposed to someone who can execute them. Also, think about how important the project is to you. Although an interior designer can do anything an architect can do, she cannot build structures.  If you already know what kind of home you would like, you should select an architect. He can suggest options for floor plan layouts, room proportions, window sizes, light fixtures, countertops, cabinets, appliances, paint colours, and much more.  In addition to providing practical solutions, an architect can offer valuable insight into the culture of your community. For example, he can explain local zoning codes, building regulations, and permit processes. He can also recommend appropriate materials and equipment suppliers.  Some homeowners prefer to collaborate directly with an interior designer. However, there are times when an architect is needed. For instance, if a homeowner desires to construct a custom house, an architect will need to review plans and specifications before starting any construction. So, evaluate your circumstance carefully before you choose.   Consider a self storage unit while you are planning your renovations  Evaluate the items you own and consider how frequently they are being used. Items you use regularly should be easy to access. Items you use occasionally, such as ethnic wear, can be stored in an orderly fashion in your closet or storage unit. This could be the decorative utensils and dishes that come out once a year during the festival of lights or the ski clothing for the annual European holiday.   During the renovation itself, use a self-storage unit to ensure that your precious belongings are well cared for. Paints, toxic fumes, and the frequent and often less careful movement can damage your precious belongs. Use a self-storage unit to ensure that your goods remain safe during renovation.   Speak to a Storage Expert to see how you can maximise a self storage unit to declutter and safeguard belongings during your renovation.   

  • Things to keep in mind while choosing an architect

    Things to keep in mind while choosing an architect

    Everyone everywhere dreams of That One Perfect Home for themselves. Whether it’s classic, cozy, cool or a mixture of all three, everyone has a vision of what this perfect home looks and feels like. Which is why it is so important to choose the very best person for bringing your vision to life. You need to select the best architect who can make your envisioned home a concrete reality. As a resident of Delhi, if you are searching for top architects in Delhi who you can trust to build the home of your dreams, while choosing an architect, look for these qualities: 1. Versatility An architect who has worked on a diverse set of projects will be able to give you holistic advice and provide the best design solutions in alignment with your dream house. Ask for a portfolio of their previous work to know what kind of buildings they have designed before. 2. Team skills Building a house is more than a one-person show. It includes you, the builder, the interior designer, and the architect himself. Furthermore, the architect might form his/ her team to help design your dream home. In such a scenario, it is essential for the architect to be a team player and foster a positive, collaborative spirit on the site. 3. Budgeting skills We all want things to be done at the lowest cost possible. An ideal architect will realize the value of your financial investment and seek to provide the best design and building solutions that fall within your budget. 4. Reputation Always very important when you are going out to hire any professional. What is their standing in the market? What do past clients think of them? How great are they at working with builders and interior designers? Are they professional, honest, and excellent at what they do? And once you choose a particular architect, take care of these things at the beginning of your professional relationship: 5. Be willing to listen An architect is a person who has spent years studying materials, design, structural integrity, and more. So, while you may have your ideas, be willing to listen to how they can be built into your home and change your mind if a better approach is suggested. If you are remodeling, they might suggest self-storage solutions. If you are building from scratch, they might recommend timeless designs instead of trendy ones. Keep an open mind. 6. Start early An architect needs to know all the pieces before they can start work. Hence, you need to contact the architect quite soon so that even after the initial research or preparations, the builder has enough time to build your home and you can move in and start designing its interiors when expected. 7. Set the budget Money troubles are the easiest way to ruin a professional relationship. Hence, you need to set our financial constraints and limits beforehand, so the architect comes up with solutions that fall within those constraints and do not extend your budget past the breaking point. 8. Get it in writing Critical so that you both can be comfortable and secure in terms of what is asked and what is to be delivered. Above all, choose an architect that makes the experience of designing your dream home a dream in itself. And with the above pointers in mind, you’ll surely find the best architect in Delhi in no time. Get ready for a home that is better than you envisioned!