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  • Why Less is More

    Why Less is More

    Consumers today are being bombarded with several things. Every item that is on display either in the shop or is advertised on TV has just one goal – to get you to buy it. This is done by showing you different reasons why you need to own that item. This process never stops. Every time you go to a shopping mall or a store, the number of stores and products and brands and ranges are bound to boggle you. Not to forget, it also adds a sense of burden when you have to choose between so many brands that all sound the same. Unknowingly, it also creates anxiety. Many people think that they can just buy one item and everything will be fine. Sometimes, people do feel guilty but then they also make up for it by rationalizing that it is just a one-time purchase or that they are giving themselves a ‘day off’ or a ‘cheat day.’ Rather than having a fulfilling experience, it turns into one with many negative consequences. In order to avoid this, it is advisable to switch to a lifestyle where we are content with what we have. If you feel that you will give in to the urges of the consumerism lifestyle, then here are some ways (less is more) by which you can change your mind regarding it. Ways in which Less is More Less Stuff Means More Space This is the most obvious thing that anyone in India will experience. With overcrowded public spaces, one tends to want homes that are spacious and free. But your home will also look like a public place if you keep buying and shoving items inside it. While it is good to get your home interiors done, but, there are several ways you can do it without overstuffing your home. If you just turned around and felt ‘Hey, there are things here I don’t need’ then you just took the first step to the ‘less is more’ concept. Start off by identifying things that you do not need or seldom need. The ones you are sure you won’t need can be thrown away. At first, it may want to hold on to them but if you’ve never thought of these things till now, it is highly unlikely you will think in the future. The things that you think you may need, but not so often, can be packed off to a self storage unit or room. Your items will be thoroughly secure and are accessible to no one but you. A clutter-free home is one of the most essential things to have a sense of calm. The more items you see in every corner, it psychologically weighs heavy on you. Having more space in your home not only creates more physical space but it also brings a change in your mental wellbeing as well. Less Work Means More Productivity Another important part of the less is more concept is the idea that in order to be more productive or get more output, you need to be working 24*7. We’ve been always told that you need to work hard to achieve in life. While that is true, it comes with a caveat that you work must be smart. If there are things that can be automated, do it. If you can reduce some work, do it. Do not allow yourself to be under the impression that the number of hours you have worked amounts to your productivity. Instead, measure your output. Set goals for yourself. Did you achieve what you set out to do? Rather than just spending unnecessary time on tasks, figure out ways to achieve the same in lesser time. That way you free up your mind faster and can work on other creative goals. We tend to get so sucked into the system of work that it tends to take away our peace of mind, sleep, and even health. Your results matter, not the hours that you put into it. Less Food is More Health Yes! You read that right. Less food can actually be good for you. Let’s explain that first. We are not suggesting that you stop eating altogether, or go on a diet, or start fasting excessively. What it means is to weigh your food before you eat. Supermarkets today are filled with food items that are just waiting for you to splurge on them. A lot of these foods are high-processed ones, refined items, and carry a lot of sugar. These are actually not of value to your body and at times, they are also expensive. They also have qualities that tend to get your hungry faster so you end up eating throughout the day. This is also applicable to the food that you make. If you love your body and want to stay healthy for long, you will think twice before dumping two large dollops of butter in your pav bhaji. Instead, switch to healthier food options. Eating whole foods that are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins will keep you fuller for more hours while also preserving your health and wealth! Less Distraction Equals More Creativity Distractions in life can be physical and mental and both are harmful to our thinking process. Working in a cluttered environment can create a mental block that can prevent you from thinking straight. Having too many thoughts preoccupying your mind can also create hurdles in progressing in your work and life. Whether it is your home, your work station, or your office space, try to remove all the unnecessary things around you. Only the things that you frequently need should be at an arm’s reach and everything else should go inside closets. If your office files take up too much space, send them off to a Self Storage India’s private room or locker where you can be assured they are protected and secure. Whenever you are attempting to work and distracting thoughts come to mind, keep returning your focus to the task at hand. The more you let your mind know that your focus, the more it […]