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Devoting a substantial portion of your weekend (or day) to kitchen decluttering will leave you with what feels like a completely refreshed space. Many of us, however, do not have the time or desire to spend hours organising the entire kitchen in one fell swoop. That does not mean you cannot have the cleanest kitchen of your dreams! 

Decluttering your kitchen can be accomplished gradually, one small task at a time. Here are a few quick and effortless ways to declutter your entire kitchen with minimal effort and time. 

1. Start with the Refrigerator – Inside and Out 

All those random magnets or any reminders and lists placed on the front of the appliance make your refrigerator and kitchen look cluttered. Try keeping your fridge door decorations as simple as possible. However, there are times when you want to keep some important things on display. Arrange them neatly and use a whiteboard or organiser for this purpose.  

The inside of your fridge containing leftovers and vegetables that have been forgotten about, all contribute to cluttering your fridge and kitchen. Food items past their expiry should go in the trash. Remove anything you do not need on a regular basis.  

2. Rethink your Counter Space 

Keeping as few items out on the kitchen counters as possible is a powerful way to make your space appear uncluttered. Consider which small appliances or tools you must have and which you could store if you had the space. Make room for spices and condiments in drawers and kitchen cabinets. Aim to keep countertops clear and storage spaces organised. This will open up more space for your cooking.  

3. Look Below the Kitchen sink 

The area beneath your kitchen sink can quickly become filthy and cluttered. You may have a lot of cleaning products and supplies in your kitchen, and most of them are stored under the kitchen sink. It is an awkward space, prone to becoming disorganised. Empty it out, place items in plastic baskets, and only keep what you use frequently. This includes cleaning sprays, soap bottles, brushes, and other comparable items. Make sure the space under the sink is not damp and things stored there are not mouldy. 

4. Thoroughly Examine your Storage Containers 

Examine all your plastic storage containers for the correct tops and bottoms. Everything that does not match, is stained, or cracked, or that you never use must go. It will be so much easier to just grab the one you need, fill it, and move on. If you can store them with their lids on, that is even better. Organise all your items and storage containers in such a way that they are easily accessible and can be replaced in the same spot with equal ease. 

5. Make the Best Use of your Cabinets and Shelving 

Items that are not used daily should be moved off the countertops and into cabinets whenever possible. Clear, organised countertops will improve the appearance and feel of your kitchen. You could build a kitchen island like the one shown here if you have enough space in your kitchen. This will provide you with some extra storage space. Examine the contents of each drawer and shelf. Make practical decisions about what will stay and what will go. Get rid of any cutlery or utensils that are broken, stained, or chipped. 

If you have a junk drawer that contains miscellaneous items, thoroughly go through their contents with the intention of throwing away unused items. Junk drawers attract useless articles that you believe you need but do not. 


In conclusion, decluttering your kitchen is not a challenging task. It is a necessary task that can be completed quickly and easily using the tips provided above. When it comes to keeping things in your kitchen, remember to prioritise use and function and learn to let go of those that are no longer useful. We hope that these five quick and easy kitchen decluttering tips will be useful to you in the future!