The Master Plan to Decluttering Old Clothes 

   Decluttering old clothes can feel like entering a minefield, doesn’t it?  There are simply too many questions. For example, how many pairs of jeans are too many? Will you ever wear that kurta again, or should it go to a better home? And why do you care so much about that dress you bought […]

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By Manjali Khosla | Last Updated: January 10, 2023 | 12 min read


Decluttering old clothes can feel like entering a minefield, doesn’t it? 

There are simply too many questions. For example, how many pairs of jeans are too many? Will you ever wear that kurta again, or should it go to a better home? And why do you care so much about that dress you bought because it looked pretty but you outgrew it? 

Everyone wants a neat and orderly wardrobe, but the process of getting it organised in the first place can be challenging. If decluttering your cupboards is one of those jobs you put off until the doors will not close, here is how to get started. It not only makes the decluttering process easier on a regular basis, but it also makes putting outfits together much easier. 

We have compiled our best tips for decluttering your old clothes and making space in your closet. 

How Do You Make the Decision to Get Rid of Clothes? 

Sorting your clothes in your closet entails more than simply throwing everything into a big pile and getting rid of anything that does not make you happy. 

The truth is that just because you like something does not mean it belongs in your closet! 

When you keep things that no longer bring you joy or that you feel guilty about getting rid of because of the money you spent on them initially, you are only causing yourself constant stress and unnecessary pain. 

First, consider your goal of decluttering your closet. 

  • Are you trying to make room for new clothes? 
  • Are you trying to make room in your closet for another person? 
  • Or do you simply want fewer items in your closet so you can see what you have and make more informed clothing choices? 

Your goal will decide how hard you must work to complete this task. 

Do you have a large wardrobe, love everything, and think you wear everything, but your space is too small? Then you may have a tough time making choices among your old clothes. 

If everything does not fit in the available space, you may be resentful of ‘having’ to downsize. In that case, organising is the answer. However, try decluttering with a positive attitude first. You might be surprised how much you can let go! You want to create a capsule wardrobe. Because you are already in a good mood, your choices should be easier. 

Once you have determined your goal, it is time to get to work. 

How to Reduce the Size of Your Wardrobe 

You do not want to throw things in a big pile and then forget which ones you were going to keep and which ones you were going to get rid of. Sort as you go. Keep a box next to you labelled ‘Donate’. Examine each piece of clothing and decide whether to keep, throw or donate it. Go through each drawer and type of clothing. 

If you are afraid you will end up keeping everything, enlist the help of a trusted friend to supply feedback on the pieces. Request and accept total honesty. 

The Rules of Wardrobe Decluttering 

The first rule of decluttering your cluttered spaces is not to exhaust yourself:  

  • Work in 10–20 minute increments instead. 
  • Go through each item of clothing before finally deciding. 
  • Work as quickly as you can, using a timer, if necessary, until everything is in order. 

You might not be able to finish everything in a single day, weekend, or week, but that is fine. It does not have to be completed in a single day. It may take you a month to declutter your wardrobe completely the first time. Simply work consistently every day for however much time you have available. Give a fraction of an hour to Decluttering Old Clothes.

Throw out anything you have not worn in a year, is worn out, or does not fit you. Keep no ‘just in case’ clothing. If necessary, try everything on. 

If you have been hoarding clothing that needs to be repaired, seriously consider whether that will ever happen. If you have not done it by now, chances are you will not so do not feel bad about getting rid of those items. 

Remove items that you no longer wear because they need exceptional care. No matter how lovely they are, if you wear them, you will be worried about them getting stained or wrinkled. As you go, discard. Decluttering Old Clothes and create extra space in the wardrobe.

Ask Yourself Emotional Question when Decluttering Clothing 

  • Do you feel good wearing it? 
  • Is the clothing comfortable to wear? 
  • Do you feel confident wearing that piece? 
  • Is it proper for your personal style and fashion? 

If you answered yes to all the questions, it is a keeper. If you say no to anything, it goes into the trash can. 

Establish a strict limit for how much you will keep and always ask yourself why. You must have a persuasive yet good reason. Otherwise, take a photo for memories and discard the article of clothing.

What Do You Do with Your Old Clothes? 

You may find yourself staring at a mountain of clothing that needs to ‘go’ after decluttering. If you have a lot of new, unused, beautiful items, the temptation is to try to ‘recoup your investment’ by selling. Decluttering Old Clothes, and find out the stuff which is good, and sell them. 

That is certainly a choice. Try consignment shops, and online marketplaces such as Facebook, eBay, or related sites. 

Donating, throwing away or repurposing are the only options left. Donate your clothes to schools or recreation centres to be disassembled for craft projects. You could also give them to charity.  

If there are some items of seasonal clothing or occasional wear, consider renting out a self-storage unit for their safe keep. Bring them out only when you need them so that they do not clutter your wardrobe space the rest of the year.  

If you cannot do any of those things, and it is a choice between throwing them in a trash bag or letting them sit in an ever-growing clutter pile, then grab your black garbage bags and take them out of your home. 



Once you understand how to properly declutter your wardrobe, you can get to work using the amazing pieces you still have. Even if you adore clothes, have a large closet for them, and want to keep many pieces, decluttering will help you by leaving you with the best of the best. You owe it to yourself and your lovely clothes to keep only the items you will adore, care for properly, and wear with confidence and pride. While decluttering old clothes try to donate them which are in good condition. 

You can do it! 

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