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Life can throw unexpected situations our way. At times, this could mean having to wind up things and restart. When it comes to business ventures, not all of them succeed. For whatever reason a business is liquidating itself, self-storage can help in those final moments.

There could be many reasons why a company decides to wind things up. Sometimes it could be a voluntary decision, or it could be an impending action. At times, business ideas may hit a dead end. Or maybe the company is not yielding profit. It is possible that a company’s inability to pay its piling debt could be the cause of its shutting down. If a calamity strikes, such as the Covid-19 lockdown, businesses, especially smaller ones, could temporarily shut down until the economy improves.

When faced with such challenging circumstances, companies have the option of liquidating. All its assets are sold off to pay debts, credits, shareholders and cover any other expenses.

Whatever may be the case, there is no need to worry about your items when you are liquidating. Self Storage India’s services are ideal for businesses to store their items. Choose from among our several self-storage options to make the process smoother.

Why Should You Opt for a Self-Storage Unit while Liquidating?

At first, business owners would think that they need to get their items cleared as soon as possible. While that is the dream, it is rarely a reliable one. Often, delays and hurdles get in the way. You are then left to figure out what you can do with so many items occupying precious space.

If your liquidating process has not yet begun, but your lease is up, and you need to give up the office, self-storage can come to your rescue. Instead of stashing away your office goods in a random place, opt for a secure self-storage facility that will keep your items safe and is not very far to transport.

Some businesses may even hold on to the rented office for longer just because the items have not yet found a new home. Instead of spending money on expensive real estate, a wiser option is to lease a self-storage unit. Our units come in a variety of size options, so you can choose the one that is best for your needs. Renting with Self Storage India is also much more budget-friendly than leasing office space only for items waiting to be disposed of.

Self Storage India has three massive warehouses in Delhi NCR, facilitating your storage needs. Two godowns are in Gurugram, and one is in Noida. They are conveniently placed at strategic locations, making your travel easy. You can book a unit at any of our warehouses for a minimum of one month. This will take away the stress of finding a buyer instantly. You can continue to extend the lease in case you decide you need more time in liquidating.

One of the biggest benefits businesses can get by renting with Self Storage India is that you do not have to hold your office just for this. Whether it is office furniture, equipment, machines, files, or any other asset, there is a place for them all at our self-storage warehouses.

Rather than waiting for the process to get over, you can continue to focus on multiple areas that may need attention. Several times, it may take much longer to wind things up and cover up all the losses of the claimants. Sometimes you may have to sell inventory at steep discounts. Thus, you can save on rental charges as well as secondary costs of holding your office.

Benefits of Storing With Us While You are Liquidating

If the monetary benefits are not enough, there are other reasons you should consider Self Storage India’s services. Here are some:


Self Storage India provides complimentary insurance for all goods stored in our warehouses against incidents of fire, burglary, RSMD, and earthquakes.

24/7 Security

The security of your goods is our priority. The premises are constantly monitored. We have guards stationed at all times as well as CCTV cameras.

Plastic Pallets

For better airing of your goods, we provide complimentary plastic pallets. This protects your items from moisture accumulation. It also allows for better air circulation around and under the goods.

Pest Control

The premises are regularly sprayed with pest control, including the exterior of the facility perimeter. Should your visit coincide with our scheduled pest control date, we provide a complimentary spray inside your room as well.

The units at Self Storage India will act as a dedicated space where you can comfortably sell off your stock and keep them in the best condition when you are liquidating. We only request you not to store any items that are inflammable or are prohibited by the law.

You can contact us to know more about our self-storage facilities. Additionally, visit our FAQ page to learn  more.


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